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Better Training Tools Produce Better Hitters
With a focus on quality and effectness, the Fastball Sports Division of Infossociates, Inc. has, for many years, worked to produce leading baseball and fast-pitch softball hitter training aids.
About Us
In the late 1990's we developed the Advanced Skills Tee (AST) and Pitch Location Mat System and introducted that product to the baseball marketplace at the ABCA Convention in Chicago in the year 2000.
Advanced Skills Tee
The patented, red polyurethane AST was the first batting tee with a brush ball holder mounted at the end of a forward arm.  It was also the frist tee with an outside swing barrier to prevent "casting" and keep the hitters hands inside the ball.
The AST/Mat System, which is currently manufactured and marketed by Muhl Tech (www.muhltech.com), has evolved into an extremely popular training aid and is used by thousands of high school and college programs across the country.
The next series of training tools developed were the Windmill Pitching Machine and Jugs Pitching Machine Fast-Pitch Motion Ball Feeder (J-Mo).
Also patented, the pitching machine and J-Mo were designed specifically for fast-pitch softball and are the first, and only, products to provide a full windmill motion in conjunction with a pitching machine.  Both products allow the hitter to see a realistic fastpitch delivery and develop better hitting mechanics and timing.
These two products are manufactured by JLB Innovations, LLC in Rushville, Indiana and are sold here (www.fastball-sports.com) and by JLB Innovations (www.windmillpitchingmachine.com).
Windmill Pitching Machine
Jugs Fast Pitch Motion Ball Feeder System
Our most recent product development efforts have been directed to Rip-Cords, a surprisingly simple and effective bungee cord, ball trolley, swing trainer.  Currently patent pending, Rip-Cords continues our commitment to creating training tools that, in addition to being innovative, produce better baseball and fast-pitch softball hitters.
Rip Cords
Rip Cords Hitting Station