Rip Cords Training Station
(Patent Pending)
Baseball & Fast Pitch Softball Swings Skills Station
$185.00 - Includes the Rip Cords, Frame & Free Shipping*
Select either the baseball or softball (11 inch) ball trolley:
   Baseball             Softball
* All prices include free ground shipping within the continental U.S.  Please contact us for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or foreign destinations.  Also, SALES TAX (8.25%) will be added at check-out but ONLY FOR TEXAS CUSTOMERS..
Accessories, extra & replacement parts:
Home Plate
A handy tool to use with the Rip Cords, for other hitting drills or live arm batting practice.  Regulation size, this is a "throw down" type plate, 1/4 inch thick, flexible vinyl material.
$ 9.50
Rip Cords coupled with a portable, custom metal frame that, in addition to all the features of the cords, eliminates "casting" and coaches proper swing/contact for inside, middle and outside pitches.

Rip Cords Training Station Carry Bag
Both handy and durable, this 48" bag has plenty of room for the Rip Cords, frame and other gear too.
Ball Trolley
This is the part that gets hit, again and again, with a baseball bat so, it's the extra part you'll likely first need.  Select either the baseball or 11" softball":
Baseball             Softball
(C) 2017 Infossociates, Inc.
(C) 2017 Infossociates, Inc.