Rip Cords
(Patent Pending)
Baseball & Fast Pitch Softball Swing Trainer
- Hitting Mechanics
- Ball Contact Skills
- Hand/Eye Coordination
Only $37.50 and shipping is free* !
Select either the baseball or softball (11 inch) ball trolley:
   Baseball             Softball
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Accessories, extra and replacement parts:
Home Plate
A handy tool to use with the Rip Cords, for other hitting drills or live arm batting practice.  Regulation size, this is a "throw down" type plate, 1/4 inch thick, flexible vinyl material.
$ 9.50
Ball Trolley
This is the part that gets hit, again and again,  with a baseball bat so, it's the extra part you'll likely first need.  Select either the baseball or 11" softball":
Baseball           Softball
Replacement Cords
Two replacement bungee cords, 3/8" dia., 11' length.
Replacement Hooks
Four adjustable bungee cord end hooks.
(C) 2017 Infossociates, Inc.
(C) 2017 Infossociates, Inc.