(C) 2017 Infossociates, Inc.
(C) 2017 Infossociates, Inc.
Windmill Pitching Machine
Improve Hitter Timing.

Develop Better Mechanics when Hitting & Slapping.

Train with a Machine that Offers Real Fast Pitch Motion & Tempo.
Dual throwing wheels and dual wheel speed controls provide:

- Pitch speeds from 40 to 70 mph.

- Drop balls, rise balls and change-ups.

- And, most important, real fast pitch top spin fastballs.
A tilt and roll machine base/cart makes moving the machine simple and easy.
An acme threaded crank mechanism provides smooth and accurate pitch height adjustments.
Adjustable, the Windmill Pitching Machine can be set-up to throw either 11" or 12" softballs and it also breaks-down, by hand, into 3 sections for storage or transport.
Windmill Pitching Machine
Full features,
5 year limited warranty & free shipping!
$2,095.00 *
* Price includes free ground shipping within the continental U.S.  Please contact us for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or foreign destinations.  Also, SALES TAX (8.25%) will be added at check-out but ONLY FOR TEXAS CUSTOMERS.
Call 1-800-398-3672 for availability.